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Trinity offers local teachers training for ESL endorsements

Within minutes of her first walk down the halls of Whittier Elementary School in Waukegan, Melissa Ramlow knew this was in the place where she wanted to teach. The students reflected a diversity of culture that had never been a part of her own experience in elementary school. She found [Read More]

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Evangelist Luis Palau visits Trinity for 2017 Rom Lectures, emphasizes importance of real faith

Trinity hosted the 38th annual Rom Lectures this past Oct. 3–5, with a special focus on witness and message as well-known evangelist Luis Palau spoke to TIU students, faculty, staff and other attendees. The week started off with Noche De Esperanza con Luis Palau, an outreach event at Christ Church [Read More]

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Bioethics in Action: Saving Lives in India

Weeks before Ashita Singh was to receive her master’s degree through Trinity International University’s India Bioethics Initiative, she met a woman in the outpatient department of her mission hospital. Young and unmarried, this Hindu woman was in serious trouble. Accompanied by her brother and uncle, she sought arrangements for an [Read More]

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Reformation and the Ministry of the Word

To mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, TEDS hosted a conference Sept. 14–15, “Reformation and the Ministry of the Word,” that will focus on the role of Scripture in the events of 1517. Outside speakers included Timothy George, Dean of Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School, Michael Haykin of [Read More]

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Trinity’s Youngest Calculus Student

Meredith Van Dixhorn could see that her homeschooled son Sam was growing bored with his math lessons. She intensified the challenge, but it still was not enough. Was it possible that pre-algebra and algebra were too easy for her fourth grader? Meredith started a discussion with Sam about higher math. [Read More]

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Trinity makes final preparations for Reformation conference Sept. 14-15

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) is finishing preparations for a national conference that explores the 500th anniversary of the Reformation from the perspective of Scripture’s power to transform theology and ministry. “Reformation and the Ministry of the Word” is set for Sept. 14-15 on the Deerfield campus. Online registration is [Read More]

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