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Trinity now accepts Classic Learning Test scores in admissions decisions

Trinity CommunicationsApril 18, 2019

Trinity International University now accepts results from the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as part of an application for admission.

TIU continues to accept scores earned on long-established national standardized admissions tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and the American College Test (ACT). But a growing number of institutions are valuing CLT results as a strong indicator of the thinking skills needed to succeed in college.

“I am thankful that Trinity is now accepting this new entrance exam,” interim director of Undergraduate Admissions Christine Anderson said. “It will certainly open up opportunities to a new market of students.”

Kimberly Thornbury is vice president for Strategic Planning at The King’s College in New York, and serves as an academic adviser to the CLT. She says many of the students who take the CLT come from homeschooled backgrounds or have studied at schools that use the Great Books Curriculum.

“The King’s College was an early adopter of the Classical Learning Test (CLT) because the content of the test clearly aligns with our mission and vision,” Thornbury said. “The CLT better reflects freshman year coursework at The King’s College and gives us a better sense of a student’s ability to handle rigorous texts.”

The CLT is a two-hour test with three sections: Verbal Reasoning (40 minutes), Grammar/Writing (35 minutes) and Quantitative Reasoning (45 minutes). The CLT measures aptitude rather than specific skills or content knowledge. Test scores fall on a scale of 0-120. The CLT is shorter in duration than the other two major standardized tests, and students answer questions online rather than with paper and pencil.

As with the SAT and ACT, students can take the CLT multiple times. All three tests cost in the $50-$60 range per examination. Unlike the more established programs, CLT exam results usually are available the same day a student completes the test.

Just as the SAT offers the PSAT as a practice test for underclassmen, students in 9th and 10th grades can take the CLT10. Students finishing the 8th grade can take the CLT8, which serves as an admissions test at some high schools.

The CLT website lists TIU among 141 colleges and universities that accept CLT scores in applications for admission. Among the other institutions listed are Asbury, Biola, Calvin, Gordon, Grove City, Taylor and Wheaton.

Students who want more information about the admissions process at TIU should visit or contact the admissions office at (847) 317-7000.

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