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TEDS offers three new certificate programs in educational studies

Trinity CommunicationsApril 15, 2019

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has rolled out three new 12-hour certificate programs through its department of Educational Studies.

The three programs lead to a Certificate in Educational Ministries, a Certificate in Teaching and Learning or a Certificate in Organizational Leadership. Students who already hold graduate degrees can pursue an executive track for the certificates in teaching and learning as well as the certificate in organizational leadership.

Each certificate program offers a specific benefit to students:

  • The Certificate in Educational Ministries provides a broad contextual overview of the educational endeavors of the church seeking to equip persons with theory and practice to mature believers in Christ.
  • The Certificate in Teaching and Learning program focuses on the theory and practice of the teaching-learning experience in Christian contexts.
  • The purpose of the Certificate in Organizational Leadership is to engage participants in a deeper understanding of Christian leadership in organizational systems both in the church and beyond.

Although admission requirements vary slightly between the three certificate programs, the general set of qualifications includes the following:

  • Intensive or extensive life experience with educational practice in the church, para-church, other Christian organizations, or in the public education arena (generally five-plus years of full-time experience)
  • Non-formal or informal preparation for theological study in educational ministries at the graduate level
  • Demonstrated academic ability through evaluation and interview by the Educational Ministries department (personal interview encompassing demonstrable skills, character, knowledge and critical thinking)
  • Completion of the certificate application with accompanying requisite materials

The three new programs will benefit a variety of students who might have had significant experience, but need additional equipping. Some may wish to add one of these programs to their current master’s degree program, postgraduate or even postdoctoral studies. Others might complete the certificate without any previous or future study. Applicants are not required to hold a bachelor’s degree.

Associate professor of Educational Ministries James Moore points to several advantages the new programs present to prospective students.

“These certificates equip educational practitioners in the church,” Moore said. “They also equip women and men in classrooms and organizations with strategies to enhance their ministry effectiveness.”

Although admission to any of the new certificate programs does not ensure admission to a TEDS graduate degree program, Moore said that courses taken for the certificate programs could become building blocks for students who later wish to complete a Master of Arts in Educational Ministries degree through TEDS. The classes would count toward completion of that degree.

Students can take classes for the certificate programs on campus, online, in weekend intensives, or use a combination of all three methods. On completion, they will be better prepared to serve in settings such as churches, parachurch groups, higher education teaching and organizational development.

More information about all Trinity certificate programs can be found on the certificate home page of the TEDS website.

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