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Athletic Training Month: Interview with Julie Settecase

Trinity CommunicationsMarch 24, 2019

Every March, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association recognizes the work of athletic trainers around the country during National Athletic Training Month. To showcase the work of athletic trainers here on Trinity’s campus, two graduate students studying in the graduate-level athletic training program, Kathryn Behrns and Kathryn Kennedy, interviewed members of Trinity’s athletic training staff.

This week, Behrms and Kennedy interviewed assistant athletic trainer Julie Settecase.


Where are you from?

Morton Grove, Illinois.

Where did you go to school for athletic training?

Trinity International University.

What made you choose athletic training as a career?

When I was in high school, my pitching coach was also my athletic trainer. I spent a lot of time in the training room my freshman year with ankle sprains. During my sophomore year, my athletic trainer asked if I would be interested in joining the sports medicine club, and I would learn how to tape athletes and get to help out during Friday night football games. I loved the environment and learning about the human body came naturally to me. From my sophomore year to senior year I spent all my free periods and after school time in the athletic training room in high school learning all I could from my athletic trainer.

What has been your most interesting experience so far in your career?

Having all the same position on the volleyball team develop tibial stress fractures at the same time during the same season; figuring out how to treat them and looking more into female athlete triad: all three athletes had female athlete triad.

How do you incorporate your faith into athletic training?

I am always asking God for wisdom and guidance in everything I do on the job. When an injury presents itself in a weird way, or all the treatments I am trying on an athlete aren’t effective, I ask God to give me wisdom to know how to best treat my athletes, and he always proves faithful. If it is an urgent situation, I go to God and ask him to keep me calm and composed for the sake of my athletes and ask him to help me recall what I’ve learned to get through the situation. I am in a unique position at a Christian university where I am able to pray with my athletes. Whenever they are going through an injury, or a tough situation in their personal life, or just a stressful week, I will pray with them. In everything I do, I try to conduct myself in a way that reflects the love of Jesus to my athletes and I try to bring God glory in every situation.

How would you describe athletic training to someone who does not know what it is?

A healthcare professional who is trained in the prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, and rehabilitation of injuries in the athletic community.

What is most fulfilling about athletic training to you?

I love all the hats that I wear every day. No day is ever the same and sometimes emotional care is a more pressing issue that day than anything physical. I love that when my athletes are having a tough day, I am the first person they come to. I love knowing that I am making a difference in my athletes’ lives.

What sport keeps you on your toes the most?

Softball. Since it’s a sport that is heavy upper body and lower body, you see a lot of overuse injuries, but it’s also partially contact and there are projectiles involved, so you really have to be ready for any type of injury on any given day.


To take a deeper look into what athletic trainers really do for their profession, visit to learn more. The TIU athletic training program also has accounts on instagram @tiu_at, on Facebook @TIU Athletic Training Program, and on twitter @TIU_AT.

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