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Athletic Training Month: Interview with Kim Bacalla

Trinity CommunicationsMarch 18, 2019

Every March, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association recognizes the work of athletic trainers around the country during National Athletic Training Month. To showcase the work of athletic trainers here on Trinity’s campus, two graduate students studying in the graduate-level athletic training program, Kathryn Behrns and Kathryn Kennedy, interviewed members of Trinity’s athletic training staff and will present a new interview each remaining week of March.

This week, Behrms and Kennedy interviewed head athletic trainer Kim Bacalla.


Where are you from?

Technically the Philippines, but I’ve lived in the U.S. for 10 years and have been living in Northern Illinois for the most part.

Where did you go to school for athletic training?

Indiana Wesleyan University.

How would you describe athletic training to someone who does not know what it is?

I am an allied health professional. I provide injury evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation for orthopedic injuries for all sports that we work with. I work with the Athletic Director and coaches to promote injury prevention. I am a first responder at all official events at the school. I make sure that everyone can play their respective sports in a safe environment and have confidence that, should anything happens, the athletes will be taken care of.

What made you choose athletic training as a career?

I fell in love with serving athletes. Most of the time we don’t get recognition for what we do as athletic trainers, and that’s okay. I did not get into athletic training so that I could be famous. I got into athletic training so that I can have an impact on young athletes’ lives, just like my college athletic trainers had an impact on mine.

What has been your most interesting experience so far in your career?

Honestly, everyday is an interesting experience. You never know what you’re going to deal with. I think the most interesting experience, personally, would be that I used to hate working football in general and now that I am their Certified Athletic Trainer, I have grown to love it. It was so unexpected and the experience has only made me a better athletic trainer.

How do you incorporate your faith into athletic training?

I live and work by one of my favorite Bible verses, Colossians 3:23: whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as doing it for the Lord and not for man. Whatever happens, I will always have an audience of one and this keeps me accountable every day. I do not do what I do for personal glory. I do it because I believe that this is what God has put me on earth to do, to be able to have an impact on other people’s lives.

What is most fulfilling about athletic training to you?

Seeing my athletes get back on the field.

What sport keeps you on your toes the most?


What recommendations do you have for preventative care for people in the workplace?

Keep your body moving outside of work. Working out or even finding something that you enjoy doing can help with your mood and can increase your productivity! I encourage everyone to be aware of themselves and when they’re feeling burnt out.


To take a deeper look into what athletic trainers really do for their profession, visit to learn more. The TIU athletic training program also has accounts on instagram @tiu_at, on Facebook @TIU Athletic Training Program, and on twitter @TIU_AT.

Next week, Behms and Kennedy will interview Trinity’s two assistant athletic trainers.

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