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TEDS Chapel planning to journey through Judges for Fall 2018

Trinity CommunicationsAugust 30, 2018

The TEDS faculty and Trinity’s Office of Spiritual Life have put together a series that endeavors to exposit the whole book of Judges over the course of the semester. The hope is that these sermons will enable us to better understand its message as well as its pastoral implications for today.

Professor Lawson Younger, who was instrumental in organizing the series, reflected on the unique contribution of Judges in the Old Testament, noting that the book of Judges has a powerful, coherent message that plays an important role in the canon. “The book is designed to instruct its readers on the consequences of covenantal disloyalty and unfaithfulness to God and his law through a recounting of Israel’s history during this period, said Younger. “Yet, the book also portrays a sovereign God of incredible faithfulness to his covenant who abounds in grace and delivers his people, sometimes using incredibly weak characters.”

Despite the historical orientation of Judges, its message remains incredibly timely for the church today. Associate Professor Steve Roy, who chairs the TEDS Chapel committee, pointed out that God’s amazing grace—despite human rebellion—is on full display in the book: “Many of the most difficult issues that are dealt with are tragically relevant today and continue to appear in the life of the church.” But while the book ends in a “dark place, it points us to the need that God’s people have for a king. The good news of Scripture is that this king we so desperately need has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ.”

By studying carefully this difficult period of salvation history, the hope is that the community will gain a renewed sense of conviction and courage from God’s Word. Younger envisions that “through its powerful rhetoric, the book forcefully calls for the community, and especially its leaders, to contemplate long and hard on their loyalty and faithfulness to the word of God. At the same time, this book leaves its readers utterly amazed at the Lord’s truly infinite covenantal love that will not let His plan of salvation be thwarted.”

Likewise, Roy hopes that Judges “will point us to the need to not order our lives and our ministries according to ‘what is right in our own eyes,’ but will show us our need to submit to our ultimate king, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The Trinity community will hear from faculty from various departments in this study who bring their own pastoral insights to bear on this troubling tale of Israel’s failures to honor the Lord as their king.

Below is a downloadable introduction with background notes by Professor Younger:

The following outline shows how we will proceed throughout the semester:

Faith for Faithless Times: The Book of Judges

September 4, 2018: Judges 1:1–3:6 with Daniel Block

September 11, 2018: Judges 3:7–31 with Lawson Younger

September 25, 2018: Judges 4:1–5:31 with Michelle Knight

October 9, 2018: Judges 6:1–8:35 with Dennis Magary

October 16, 2018: Judges 9:1–57 with David Luy

October 30, 2018: Judges 10:1–12:15 with Eric Tully

November 6, 2018: Judges 13:1–15:20 with Lucas O’Neill

November 13, 2018: Judges 16:1–31 with Craig Ott

November 20, 2018: Judges 17:1–18:31 with Steve Mathewson

November 27, 2018: Judges 19:1–21:25 with John Monson

December 4, 2018: Conclusion to Judges with Steve Roy

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