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No More Quarters – New Campus Laundry Machines

Trinity CommunicationsAugust 11, 2018

Trinity has updated their laundry machines to be card-based as of this year. You can obtain a card from the value add machine located in the lobby of the Campus Post Office in the Waybright Center.

To purchase a new card:
1) Press GREEN Button.
2) Insert a $5 bill.
3) Remove card from dispenser.

You may only use a $5 bill to purchase a card. The cost of the card is $3. Card will have an available balance of $2 when dispensed.

To add more value to the card with cash:
1) Insert physical laundry card with chip facing up.
2) Insert $5, $10, or $20 bills. You can add value to the card up to a $50 balance.

To add more value to the card with your credit card:
1) Obtain a physical card.
2) Go to Family Pride Laundry’s code revalue login site.
3) Create an account. From this account you can add value to the physical card using a credit card.

For refunds, please email Family Pride Laundry at [email protected]. Family Pride Laundry will issue you a code that you can use on the smaller value add machine in Waybright Center to add back to your card.

Please note that Trinity Central will not be able to issue refunds for laundry machines. Please use the email above. Also, please treat these cards like cash. There is not a a way to refund a card that is lost. Once value is added to a card, it can not be refunded. When planning to move off-campus, make sure to not over add value to the card that you may not use.

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