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Edmund Moy on ministry in the workplace

Board of Regents Chapel

Trinity CommunicationsOctober 20, 2017

Edmund C. Moy, 38th Director of the United States Mint and Trinity Board of Regents member, spoke to Trinity undergraduate students, faculty, staff and Regents on Wednesday, Oct. 18 during a chapel service held on the Deerfield campus.

President David S. Dockery has known Moy for fifteen years. It is through this connection that Moy decided to join Trinity’s Board, bringing with him his deep understanding of how to incorporate a faith-filled life into a career in politics and business. He came with his wife, Karen, and their adopted daughter, Nora.

Moy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a triple major in economics, political science and international relations. He became a Christian during his senior year of college, and, despite the freshness of his new convictions, Moy found himself immediately confronted with important ethical decisions in the workplace that required him to examine his faith.

Barely into his first job post-college, Moy was asked to change the amount of hours listed on his expense report as personal to avoid massive audits in the system. The common practice was to list only the time taken from home to work as personal, taking all the other personal hours and listing them as business. Moy had initially listed his hours as honestly as possible.

Being a Christian, Moy knew he needed to follow the command to “not bear false witness.” However, his boss had told him that if he didn’t change his expense report, he would be fired. After struggling with the dilemma, he decided to leave his expense report unchanged. Although becoming the least well-liked person in the company for his choice, as several audits were made after the report was submitted, he ultimately wasn’t fired.

“When I started off with my ministry in the workplace, I was able to confront a ethical situation at the very beginning and make a decision on what was more important: the world or Christ?” Moy said. “I encourage all the students with whom I talk to start off right. Otherwise, you’re going to be spending the rest of your time running to catch up to whatever you started.”

Over the years, Moy has spoken freely about his faith at work, and many people have come to know Christ through his testimony.

Eventually, he was asked by advisors of former President George W. Bush to join his transition team in to the White House. Moy served for almost six years as a Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel. Before he took up the director positions at the US Mint, Moy continued to connect the faith to his work and helped to start the White House Christian Fellowship.

During his time as director of the US Mint, Moy began to take the division’s poor employee morale and improve it drastically. Starting from the belief that humankind was made in God’s image and therefore made to find satisfaction in work, he work to change the review system at the Mint and brought its “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” rating up 153 points—from a low 211 out of 215 to 58 out of 215.

Moy stressed to the Trinity community the need of considering work, both secular and spiritual, as a ministry devoted to God. While becoming a pastor or working in the church may seem a clear way to put faith into practice and perform God’s will, Moy believes that pastors are meant primarily to equip those Christians who are called to see their vocations as callings for the glory of God.

“We are all, without exception, called to full-time ministry,” Moy said.

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