Global Christian Week

Challenges to Gospel Proclamation in the 21st Century

Trinity CommunicationsSeptember 29, 2017

Trinity celebrated its annual Global Christian Week from September 19–21, focusing on the global Christian community and Trinity’s role in learning from the experiences of international believers.

Dr. Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director for Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka, was this year’s featured speaker, speaking on the theme of “Challenges to Global Proclamation in the 21st Century.”

Fernando spent time during the week telling his personal story and the stories of others, using them as pictures of difficulties believers can face when attempting to share and live out the gospel. One specific example he used during the undergraduate chapel was of a friend of his whose husband passed away in the midst of planting a church. Her husband had been called to a small, secluded town where the people were deeply suspicious of Christianity—in fact, they sought to prevent it from taking hold in their community.

When her husband died, the wife continued on in the work and a small Christian community began to emerge. Despite the continual challenges that arose—like arson, protests, and natural disasters—the Christians grew and the church became a central place of safety, faith and love.

Fernando admired his friend’s optimism and trust in God’s providence through the church’s struggles. Regardless of the present challenges, she views them as vessels of God’s plan for the church in her neighborhood.

Aside from speaking during weekly chapels, Fernando participated in a Q&A Table Talk as well as an evening discussion with TEDS Dean Emeritus Tite Tiénou, director of the Paul G. Hiebert Center for World Christianity and Global Theology.

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