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Lilly Endowment awards Trinity $1.5 million grant for urban outreach to young adults

Trinity CommunicationsDecember 20, 2016

The Lilly Endowment has awarded Trinity $1.5 million grant to help it strengthen relationships with churches and open doors for new urban outreach, especially among young adults.

The effort will move through Mosaic Ministries, a Trinity campus group that works to raise Christian leaders who are able to engage in ministries of reconciliation. The program will focus on work with 12 partnering congregations in northern Lake County during a five-year grant period. The goal will be to guide and resource these churches, so new and innovative ministries among young adults can develop.

Trinity is one of 12 organizations around the nation receiving grants through Lilly Endowment’s Young Adult Initiative, which is supporting the establishment of innovation hubs around the nation to help Christian congregations design and launch new ministries with young adults, ages 23 to 29.

As an innovation hub, Trinity will work with each partnering congregation as it establishes new space dedicated to nourishing young adults and empowering them “to help shape the congregation’s culture and missional impact on the community.”

“We are grateful to God for this generous grant from Lilly Endowment,” Professor of Church, Culture and Society Peter Cha said. Cha serves as faculty adviser for Mosaic, and Daniel Hartman serves as the group’s director.

Cha said there is a lack of literature that examines young adults’ spiritual experiences in under-resourced urban settings. A goal of the program is to aid future related research projects.

“This five-year grant project will enable the Mosaic Ministry to work collaboratively with congregations in the North Lake County, developing effective ways to reach out to young adults in this urban community,” Cha said.

“We are truly grateful to the Lilly Endowment for this generous grant,” President David S. Dockery said. “We salute and congratulate Peter Cha and Daniel Hartman for their leadership, and Assistant Vice President for Advancement Jessica Chang for her work to secure the grant.”

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