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Trinity CommunicationsDecember 16, 2016

Several of the past issues of Trinity Magazine are now online, including the most recent Fall 2016 issue. Here’s a brief glance at what’s inside:

    • “Desperate Times Call for Godly Measure: Trinity’s Emerging Leaders Program”
      —Are leaders born or made? What instructs students and transforms them into godly influencers of their surrounding culture? In this article, Trinity Magazine provides a brief look into how the University is attempting to fill in the emerging-leader gap in the world today.

“I think there are certain personal traits that make it easier for certain people to provide ongoing leadership,” Nyberg said. “But I’ve also witnessed during my time in the business world people of strikingly different personalities, character traits and leadership styles serving as effective leaders. These leaders demonstrated to me that there is not one right way to lead, but it’s important in my mind to provide leadership in a way that is true to yourself.”

~ Neil Nyberg (BA ’74), Trinity Board Chair, p. 17


    • “Protégés Who Become Presidents”
      —One of President David S. Dockery’s greatest contributions has been the development of bright, successful leaders in the higher education field. This article gives a brief history of that impact.

“When I was a professor, [Dockery] taught me how to engage students in the classroom. When I became a dean, he showed me how to balance the realities of administrative priorities with faculty concerns. When I was given the opportunity to serve in senior leadership at the university, he modeled wisdom behind the scenes that is the stuff of legend.”

~ Gregory A. Thornbury, president of The King’s College, p. 24


    • Barry Beitzel and Grant Osborne
      —Both Barry Beitzel and Grant Osborne retired from their full-time faculty positions as the 2016 spring semester came to a close. These brief articles look not only at their storied impact upon the Trinity community but cast a glance toward their respective future ministries: Beitzel will continue his geographical work revolving around the Holy Land, and Osborne will continue working on his 19-volume New Testament commentary.


    • Also in this issue:

      —Trinity News, pp. 3–9
      —Faculty Updates, pp. 12–15
      —Alumni Presidents, pp. 28–29
      —Alumni of the Year, pp. 34–35
      —Alumni Updates, pp. 36–45

Check it out below:

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