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Trinity Creates a Welcome Space at EFCA Challenge

newsroomadminAugust 04, 2014

Every other year, the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) hosts a national youth gathering called the Challenge Conference. Trinity, being affiliated with the EFCA, was asked to take on a significant role in this year’s conference, happening in Kansas City. For the first week of July, students from Trinity took on roles at the conference ranging from bus captains on afternoon service projects to salsa dancing instructors and photo booth operators within a Trinity-run space called Revamp.

This Revamp space, consisting of 12,000 square feet in the Kansas City Convention Center, was a place where the conference attendees could come to relax between sessions. The Trinity team worked hard to create an environment where students could express themselves, play games, and engage with what they were learning at the conference. The team even recreated popular Trinity campus events such as Golf in Rolf (mini-golfing) and Salsa Dancing Night within the space.

In addition to the Revamp space, Trinity also participated as part of the bus captain team at the conference. Every day, Challenge sent an average of 2,000 students into Kansas City to take on various service projects. Some of our Trinity students had the opportunity to act as bus captains on the 30+ buses that went out each day. They played a major role in preparing the junior high and high school students for the ministry they were heading out to engage in, giving encouragement and safety guidelines to the groups while in transit.

Lastly, Trinity showed up in a major way at the conference in the TIU Courtyard sponsored by CIF, which provided evening activity options for students after the main sessions. Lucy Elbel, a Trinity student entering her senior year this fall, acted as the coordinator for this space, planning the activities that would happen each evening. With a dance party, lawn games, and a performance by the band Seventh Hour, the TIU Courtyard became a popular option among conference attendees looking for a fun way to relax at the end of a long day.

With Trinity engaged so prominently throughout the various activities happening at the conference, Trinity junior Tiffany Valleau gave her take on the experience, saying, “I think that by the time we were finished, everyone at Challenge knew who we (and by “we” I mean TIU) were, which is really cool. Furthermore, someone from our team probably interacted with almost everyone at Challenge, either in Revamp, doing check-in, being on buses, helping with seating, or any of the other various ways we helped.”

Joshua Stoiber, a rising senior at Trinity, commented, “I think Trinity’s efforts at Challenge this year went incredibly well, and to think that this was only the school’s first shot makes me excited for what might happen in the future, even though I’ll be long graduated.”

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