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Trinity Celebrates 117th Annual Commencement

newsroomadminMay 23, 2014

Family, friends, and faculty gathered to celebrate the 117th Annual Commencement and the graduation of the class of 2014 on Saturday, May 17, in the Meyer Sports Complex.

Dr. Dennis Magary, chair of the Old Testament and Semitic languages department at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, gave the commencement address, entitled, “Seventeen Words That Explain Everything,” which hoped to answer two questions: “How did we get here?” and “What should be our response?” Magary’s address centered on God’s faithfulness as described in Psalm 117.

“These words are not original with me . . . but the origin of these words is not unknown,” Magary said. “I thought it would be most appropriate that the last word in your Trinity experience should come from God rather than me.”

Magary’s overall message was to remind the students that the completion of their degrees and the work that they will do in the years to follow is a result of God’s “prevailing steadfast love and never-ending faithfulness.”

One of Magary’s final charges was to remind the graduates that no matter their field of study, the completion of their work was important to the mission of the gospel and the world at large.

“Graduates…you are a vital part of what God is doing in His world.”

Trinity College Alumnus of the Year Brian Hagedorn (BA ’00) and TEDS Alumnus of the Year David Wells (ThM ’67) were also recognized during the ceremony. Both alumni addressed the students briefly, reminding them that no matter what their course of action might be after commencement, their chief concern should be to give God all the glory—in their weakness his strength is made known.

A recording of the commencement ceremony can be viewed here (click “On Demand” tab).

All photos by Alex Johnson

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