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New Issue of Trinity Magazine Rolls Off the Press

newsroomadminApril 25, 2014

The spring 2014 issue of Trinity Magazine has just rolled off the press. Here’s the table of contents (of feature articles):

    • “Introducing David S. Dockery: Trinity’s 15th President”
      —a Q&A with Trinity’s next president, providing a brief look at his thoughts on his election as well as a further introduction to the man and what’s he’s passionate about

“It will be a joy of immense proportion to seek to reflect the influence and leadership of such twentieth-century evangelical giants like Kenneth Kantzer and Carl F. H. Henry, who invested so much at Trinity. Their emphasis on serious and rigorous academics shaped and informed by the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the full truthfulness of Holy Scripture, international missions, cultural renewal and engagement, transdenominational and transcontinental evangelical cooperation, and service to the global church will, we trust, continue to characterize all aspects of Trinity’s life and work.”


    • “Fifty Years of God’s Goodness and Faithfulness”
      —The 2013–14 academic year marks the 50th anniversary of the transformation of Trinity Theological Seminary into Trinity Evangelical Divinity School—from a small, denominational seminary into a large, internationally recognized theological institution. This article traces a few moments in those early years of the 1960s when that vision began to take shape.

“. . . it was a broad ecumenical vision, in line with the central convictions and priorities of historic Christianity, as found in the Bible, the early creeds, and the doctrinal confessions of the Protestant Reformation.”

~ Scott Manetsch, p. 15


    • “God, History, and Evolution in the Princeton Theology”
      —Professor of History Brad Gundlach vamps on his recent publication, Process and Providence, focusing on how the doctrine of God’s providence works with the ideas of either biological or historical evolution.

“In the processes of nature and history, the Princetonians were predisposed by their Confession to think in terms of change over time, God sovereignly choosing to work through means, both in nature and in grace.”

~ Bradley J. Gundlach, p. 21

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