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TIU Students and Staff Set for Missions Trips

newsroomadminMarch 03, 2014

Contributions made by Trinity Digest staff writers Allison Kolander, Dustin Alewine, Jacob Hammack, and Devon Lancaster

Trinity’s missions teams are wrapping up preparations for the 2014 Spring Break Missions Trips. This year, teams will be headed to Uganda, France, Costa Rica, Zambia, and Los Angeles over the course of the next two weeks.

The Uganda team includes 14 Trinity students and staff members. During their 11-day trip, they will be working with the Jenga Community Development Outreach. Their main focus will be to spend time in community with the Ugandan people, participating in hospital care and working with street children. They will also serve in a children’s ministry as they engage the youth with Christian Bible clubs.

“I think this trip provides an opportunity for the students of TIU to experience God in a context that is different than their own,” said assistant to the Associate Dean and team leader Amanda Onapito, who is from Uganda. “It is a great opportunity to learn about and serve others as well as to grow in self-awareness and be invigorated for missions.”

The France missions trip has a slightly different focus compared to the traditional missions trip in that the focus is on the students’ spiritual formation rather than evangelical ministry. During the trip, the students and staff will be staying at Taize, a monastery located nearly four hours from Paris.

TIU senior and student leader Justin Nitta is looking forward to what God will do in France.

“I am thrilled to live in the monastery,” said Nitta. “I’m also looking forward to listening to God while in Taize.”

The Costa Rica missions trip is one of two new missions trips offered this year. The Costa Rica trip replaced the long-standing partnership with El Salvador due to a travel warning set in place by the United States Department of State.

The Costa Rican Missions Trip runs through the Christian non-profit organization Roblealto Child Care Association (RCCA), which provides services to children and teens in at-risk homes. The team will have an opportunity to minister to these students while playing games and doing crafts with them. The team will also be doing home visits with the children and their families.

Another team will be headed to Lusaka, Zambia, where they will visit a few sites in the poverty-stricken nation, such as clinics, schools, and orphanages that are active in fighting against AIDS.

The teams heading to Zambia will be involved in various projects during their time in the country. The team will spend much of their time learning from the Zambian people so that they are better able to serve.

They will also be serving with the Lazarus Project Boys Home, where they will have the opportunity to teach classes. They will also be able to reach out to the children at Lusaka who face many trials in their lives.

The team is partnering with the Northmead Assembly of God, which is pastored by Bishop Joshua Banda and has over 2000 members.

The final missions team will be working in Los Angeles, California. Here, the team will stay in Pico-Union, a predominantly immigrant neighborhood in LA. The main focus for the trip is learning urban ministry in a cross-cultural context.

The team is partnering with Bridging Urban Missions Project (BUMP). This is the first time Trinity and BUMP have worked together in LA.

During their trip, the team will helps out with after school tutoring and language instruction at a local school. They will also work on various projects with a local church, including food distribution.

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