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Trinity Missions Team Returns From New Orleans

newsroomadminFebruary 17, 2014

Written by Devon Lancaster, Trinity Digest staff writer

While many students used Christmas break as a time to relax, rest from school and enjoy the comforts of their home, a group of Trinity students and staff traveled to New Orleans on January 5 to help with relief efforts from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Though it has been nearly nine years since Katrina made landfall, there is still a fair amount of flooding in the area. Additionally, many homes in the city are still in need of repairs.

Each day, the Trinity missions team worked to repair these homes by hanging drywall, installing, and sanding drywall. Each day after lunch they went on prayer walks throughout the neighborhood they were working in. They also interacted with many of the people in the neighborhood by praying over them and their city.

After a long day of hard work, the team would return to the camp for dinner. They spent their evenings interacting with a variety of ministry groups who worked in New Orleans. The team got the chance to learn about inner-city ministry, community development and crisis-response.

“I think what God has taught me through this experience was the importance of prayer. I struggled with going on the prayer walks on the trip because my focus was on physical work,” said Missions Cabinet member Cassandra Maurer. “When working on a house, you can see tangible results, but with prayer, you aren’t always privileged to see tangible results right away. That doesn’t make it any less important.”

In addition to the New Orleans missions trip, Trinity sent a missions team to India during winter break. During spring break, different mission teams will be serving in Chicago, El Salvador, France, Uganda, Zambia and Costa Rica.

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