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Spring 2013 Trin Mag Fresh Off the Press

newsroomadminJune 03, 2013

The spring 2013 issue of Trinity Magazine is fresh off the press. Here’s the table of contents (of feature articles):

    • “Student To Student: Small Touches That Make a Big Difference”
      —an article that highlights how the Marketing and Admissions Departments at TIU gathered together several students to spearhead a project that puts a personal touch in the path of prospective students

““I liked all of it: letters, cards, and the video. All the small touches really do make a difference, but the video was probably one of the best things. Even my two friends who were with me when I saw it were impressed. We all got so excited.”

~ Ana-Claudia Palomino, p. 11


    • “Searching for the Historical Harmenzoon: Understanding Jacob Arminius”
      —Associate Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology Thomas H. McCall confronts a few key caricatures revolving around the historical Arminius

“Perhaps a better understanding of Arminius will help us all to see that one need not be ‘anti-Reformed’ to be non-Reformed or that ‘Arminians’ might not be a grave threat to Christian orthodoxy.”

~ Thomas H. McCall, p. 15


    • “One”
      —TEDS alumnus Dr. Eric Miller (’94) explores reformation and revival sweeping across Latin America, through the lens of CONPLEI 2012, the largest gathering in history of Latin America’s indigenous evangelical Christians

“This is diversity conceived as a gift to be both guarded and shared: I can become who you are, without ceasing to be who I am. Somehow, the guarding is bound
up in the sharing. Somehow, the sharing only enhances the brilliance and beauty of the particular, as it comes to be seen not as a possession so much as a reflection, a reflection of the One in whom we are always living, and moving, and having
our being.”

~  Eric Miller, p. 20


    • “Sleeping Coconuts: God’s Way of Transforming Tragedy”
      —this brief article tells the story of alumnus John (BA ’83, MA ’86) and Bonnie Nystrom’s Bible translation work in Papua New Guinea in the face of utter devastation at the hands of a tsunami

““I knew instantly God had been preparing us for that day for 10 years. . . . After the tsunami we went from ‘there’s no way we can help these people,’ to, ‘we have to
find a way to help these people.'”

~  John and Bonnie Nystrom, p. 22

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