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Chaplaincy Studies at Trinity

newsroomadminApril 18, 2013

In fall 2013 TEDS will again offer PT 6300, Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministries, as a two-hour course, meeting Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm to 9:10 pm.

PT 6300 explores chaplaincy as a vocational ministry option and serves as the foundational course for the new MDiv specialized ministry focus in Chaplaincy. However, Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry is also open to all TEDS or TGS students regardless of ministry focus or degree program. TIU juniors and seniors and REACH students are likewise eligible to enroll in PT 6300 for college credit.

Chaplains bring the presence of Christ to persons and situations that are often inaccessible to traditional pastors, missionaries, and parachurch workers. Chaplaincy ministry is incarnational by nature, and a chaplain’s parish ranges from battlefields to airfields, hospital rooms to break rooms, prison chapels to ships at sea. Though chaplains are often associated with military forces or hospitals, chaplains may also serve in a number of different situations including disaster relief (first responder), corporate, fire departments, police departments, airports, race tracks, sports teams, nursing homes, hospice, and correctional institutions. Additionally, though many chaplains serve in a full-time capacity, a number of pastors have enhanced their community outreach by serving as reserve chaplains or as volunteers with their local police or fire departments. The opportunities for chaplaincy ministry are indeed plentiful.

To learn more about the Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministries course, PT 6300, or about the Chaplaincy Studies MDiv focus and its various options, please contact the coordinator of Chaplaincy Studies, Dr. Ken Botton, at [email protected]

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