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Fewer Hours Required to Graduate College

newsroomadminApril 05, 2013

The faculty of Trinity College recently approved a change to the hours required for graduation, reducing the total degree hours from 126 to 124. This change is effective for students who complete their degree under the requirements of the 2013–2014 Trinity College Catalog.

Under the new catalog (starting fall 2013), students must complete general education, major, service-learning and chapel requirements, and at least 124 credit hours in order to graduate. Many students have hours available for elective credit after meeting the requirements of their major and general education.

“We think this change will encourage students,” reported Associate Dean Dr. Karen Wrobbel. “Even though it may seem small, it will make the number of credits per semester more accessible for students.”

Most current students will be able to change to the 2013–2014 catalog in order to take advantage of the reduction in total required credits. Students who change catalogs will be subject to all requirements in the newer catalog, so it is important to consult first with a faculty academic advisor to ensure that there will be no unexpected negative consequences. Students in the chemistry or PE K-12 majors should not change catalogs, since these programs are in a teach-out phase and not in the new catalog.

Faculty recently researched requirements and programs at peer schools, focusing especially on the thirteen schools of the Christian College Consortium. Both the mean and median requirement within the Consortium is 124 hours.

Students with questions should consult their faculty advisor or Associate Deans Dr. Hedges or Dr. Wrobbel.

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