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newsroomadminJanuary 29, 2013

The latest edition of the Scrawl is now online! Be sure to subscribe to the Scrawl blog updates (on the right column).

In this issue . . .

  • “Whom Shall I Send? The Erosion of the Evangelical Pastorate”
    —Jeremy Mann examines evidence that shows the American pastorate is in decline and gives some possible explanations.
American evangelicalism is not in perfect health, but it’s strong in many respects. More 20-somethings are currently attending evangelical churches than any year since 1972. Enrollment in Christian Colleges is also up, as is diversity in those schools. The problem is not that there aren’t any young people in church; it’s that not enough of them are preparing to lead.


  • “Going Off the Script”
    —Tyler Smith relates how his understanding of church planting as a white person among ethnic minorities was changed by tragedy.
. . . scriptwriting is not relationship-building. It does not allow for the reciprocal, mutually-supporting and loving relationships to which brothers and sisters in Christ are called. Our particular script subtly patronized those in poverty, as if we had come to dispense remedies for “their” problems. Our coping mechanism reinforced the same racial and social categories that we thought our presence in the church was helping break down.


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