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TIU-FL Grad: a “Remarkable Woman”

Trinity CommunicationsNovember 12, 2012

The Chicago Tribune‘s feature series “Remarkable Woman” recently focused on TIU-Florida graduate Alicia La Hoz (MA in Counseling Psychology) and her work as executive director of the nonprofit Family Bridges, which “opens lines of communication to connect underserved families with vital programs.”

When asked who was her living hero, Alicia replied, “Elizabeth Skjoldal (a professor of counseling psychology at Trinity International University). Just seeing the integrity and care she has and just having a teacher that sits with you one-on-one and believes in you.”

Earlier in the article, we read that it was during her time at TIU-Florida that a teacher who “urged her to pursue a doctorate remembers a young woman who asked deep, probing questions and took on leadership roles.” This exemplifies the kind of faculty that serve at Trinity—deeply concerned with academic excellence, Christian faithfulness, and lifelong learning, they strive to challenge students to live up to the high calling of the gospel, no matter what particular work they pursue in life.

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