November Edition of The Scrawl

Trinity CommunicationsNovember 05, 2012

The latest edition of the Scrawl is now online. Here’s a couple of articles you’ll want to read:

“Sadly, another feature of much academic writing is that it’s not written very well. So what I want for people who are in a school like this and are thinking of getting published, is to emphasis not only the importance of doing your homework and having this thing well-researched, but the importance of spending a lot of time thinking about and praying about how to communicate what you’re saying to the real people who are going to be reading it.”
“In The Hunger Games, hope is based on our human ability to care. In the end, this is a fragile foundation, as Katniss realizes that humans will continue to be uncaring and cruel. There is a lack of ultimate hope, which is realistic given a world without God.”


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