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Manfred Bietak: Discoveries of Ancient Egypt

Trinity CommunicationsNovember 04, 2012

University of Vienna Emeritus Professor of Egyptology Manfred Bietak will discuss his recent discoveries in the long-lost city of Avaris in Egypt on Monday, November 12, at 7 p.m. in Melton Hall, Waybright Center.

Bietak discovered Avaris in 1966 and has worked on excavating it for the past 40 years. As part of the Trinity Biblical & Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology Lecture Series, Bietak will discuss his team’s most recent findings in Avaris, the capital of Hyksos, including the discovery of the Hyksos palace. The Hyksos were the Semitic rulers of Egypt from 1650–1525 BC and Bietak’s discoveries give insight into their lifestyle and culture.  These recent discoveries also provide background to the time of Joseph in the Bible and a possible connection to the Hebrew sojourn in Egypt, according to TEDS Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology Dr. James Hoffmeier.

As one of the world’s leading archaeologists, Bietak is the founding editor of the academic journal Egypt and the Levant and author of Avaris, the Hyksos Capital (1996). He has also written and edited over 20 excavation report volumes from his team’s work in Tell el-Dab’a.

The event is free and open to the public.

The Trinity Biblical & Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology Lecture Series is now in its third season and is put on and funded by the TEDS Old Testament and Semitic Studies Department.

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