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Fall 2012 Trinity Magazine Hits the Shelf

Trinity CommunicationsOctober 08, 2012

The fall 2012 issue of Trinity Magazine just hit the shelf. Here’s the table of contents (of feature articles):

    • “TIU Core Values”
      —a series of six, short articles, scattered throughout the magazine and coming from every corner of the University, that seek to speak of TIU’s Core Values in a meaningful way for today

“As an educational institution, Trinity’s identity is Protestant and evangelical.
Being Protestant, we in the Trinity community “witness” and “declare publicly”
our full and joyful commitment to the true and living God whose revealed Word
is a trustworthy and sure guide for all matters of life. We trust God’s Scripture
because we trust God.”

~ Tite Tiénou, p. 10

    • “The Three Amigas: Facing el Guapo”
      —an article that tells the story of a few students and alumni serving in the sometimes harrowing world of South Chicago

“Jesus did not come for those who were well,” Margie says. “Jesus went after the sick and the outcasts. Gang members and their families are the outcasts in our community, so we walk with them through their loss. We live here, we minister here, and we are trusted to pastor with encouragement and compassion the people New Beginnings is called to serve.”

~ Margie Ivy, p. 15

    • “Does A Red-Faced God Sing The Blues? Emotions, Divine Suffering & Biblical
      —returning systematic theology Professor Kevin Vanhoozer explores what the Bible says about the jealousy and sorrow of God

“God’s acts in history communicate his eternal nature. The way God is in time, especially in the history of Jesus, corresponds to the way he is in eternity.”

~  Kevin J. Vanhoozer, p. 20

Check it out:

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