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Be: TIU—Commitment to Excellence

Trinity CommunicationsSeptember 17, 2012

Trinity International University is on a mission. It is to educate men and women to engage in God’s redemptive work in the world by cultivating academic excellence, Christian faithfulness, and lifelong learning. To this end, the undergraduate website has just been given a fresh look with a focus on new academic program content.

“I love the way the navigation is set up. I think that it is easy to use and has great fluency to it,” senior Nicole Fish said. “What stands out most to me, though, is the way that the website captures the genuine joy and liveliness that makes Trinity unique.

“Basically, I am a huge fan of this new look.”

In the college this year, the focus is on accomplishing this mission by cultivating a community that is committed to five themes that contribute to what it means to “BE: TIU.”

  • BE: Relational

    Relationships are central to life at TIU—in the classroom, in residence halls, in Chapel, in student groups, and on the field, our faculty, staff and coaches are committed to a student’s holistic growth.

  • BE: Genuine

    One of the most common responses when people visit our campus is how genuine people are and how welcomed they feel. We love being known as a place where people are authentic in their interactions.

  • BE: Intentional

    We believe that people who are intentional about their time, treasure, and talent honor God and other people. As a diverse community, we are seeing how God uses humble intentionality to bring people together.

  • BE: Passionate

    The passion of our students manifests itself in different ways but is grounded in a common desire for God’s kingdom to be known. We are thrilled to nurture the growth of our students’ passions.

  • BE: Known

    It is a core desire as people to know and to be known. It is risky to trust other people, and yet, each year we see our students make lifelong relationships with TIU friends by taking that risk.

Trinity International University, comprised as it is by a college, graduate school, law school, and seminary, has a unique challenge in presenting itself to the public—prospective students, parents, current students, alumni, and friends. The new look of TIU’s college website is the beginning of an answer to that challenge.

“The website is the ‘front door’ to the college,” said Aaron Mahl, Trinity’s director of undergraduate admissions, “and I think when students and parents visit this website, they get a true feel for what it is like on campus.”

Preliminary work is also underway for TEDS, which is itself a unique brand under the University umbrella.

Dr. Jeanette Hsieh, co-provost and dean of Trinity College and Graduate School, responded that she is “ecstatic by the enhanced quality, information, and tone of the updated website. The marketing department led by Rachel Yantis did an outstanding job of communicating our commitment to excellence, which demands an appropriate balance between the theoretical and practical application in each area of study.”

Dr. Hsieh noted that the videos, content, and outcomes clearly reflect Trinity’s focus on preparing and serving its students well, adding, “I loved hearing the voice and personal stories of students and faculty.”

Check out one of the college’s new videos:

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