Look for Prof. Steven Fratt on NBC’s Chicago Fire, April 21

Look for Prof. Steven Fratt on NBC Chicago Fire 10/9c on Tuesday, April 21. His Facebook profile page may be worked into the narrative for a brief click or two, so don't look away!

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Bioethics Prof John Kilner Releases New Book on Human Dignity

Trinity Graduate School Professor of Bioethics and Contemporary Culture John F. Kilner has released a new book that describes human dignity in light of the biblical observation that man is created in God’s image. Eerdmanns Publishing Company released Dignity and Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God earlier this month. [Read More]

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Academic Success at Trinity

by Peter L. Wright, associate professor of education at Trinity College and Graduate School “Getting an education is like breaking through a wall sometimes,” a Trinity student who struggles with a disability said recently. “You chip away at each brick, and it feels like it’s never going to come down.” [Read More]

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Prof. Younger to Deliver Archaeology Lecture at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

On November 6, 2014, 7:30 p.m., at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, K. Lawson Younger, professor of Old Testament, Semitic languages, and Ancient Near Eastern history at TEDS will be lecturing on "The Aramaeans: The Ubiquitous People Group of the Ancient Near East." The Arameans, whose origins leave us with many questions, [Read More]

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Faculty Works Tell Trinity’s Story


Originally written by Tiffany Vallaeu, Digest Staff Writer John and Susan Woodbridge cut the ribbon to Trinity’s new reading room that will bear their namesake in the Rolfing Library Tuesday, Oct. 21, celebrating the heritage of the school’s prolific professors and academic excellence. Around 225 books written by TIU faculty now [Read More]

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Lessons from Calvin’s Geneva: Pastoral Collegiality and Accountability

As part of its continuing calendar of events, the Henry Center launched its Scripture & Ministry series on Wednesday, September 17, led by an insightful presentation from Professor Scott Manetsch on pastoral collegiality and accountability in Calvin's Geneva. Much of the discussion built off of Dr. Manetsch's recent work on [Read More]