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Vanhoozer Wins 2015 Christianity Today Theology Book Award

Research Professor of Systematic Theology Kevin J. Vanhoozer of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has been awarded the top honor in the theology/ethics category of the 2015 Christianity Today Book Awards.

Vanhoozer’s book, Faith Speaking Understanding: Performing the Drama of Doctrine, was published by Westminster John Knox Press in September. In the introduction, Vanhoozer wrote that the book “is about learning doctrine for the sake of acting out what is in Christ: call it the drama of discipleship.”

The magazine’s editors selected winners in 10 categories. They choose books “most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture,” according to the introduction of this year’s list of winners.

“Kevin Vanhoozer has once again, with this outstanding new book, demonstrated why he is often considered the leading and shaping voice in evangelical theology today,” Trinity President David S. Dockery said. “The book provides readers with an opportunity to see his creative, gifted, and insightful work at its best. The Trinity community joins me in congratulating him on this lofty and well-deserved recognition.”

The award announcement, written by a California pastor, praised Vanhoozer for offering a reinvigorating vision to the Christian church.

“Vanhoozer re-presents and re-tools his creative theatrical model of theology and doctrine, making it more accessible to the pastor in the pulpit and the churchgoer in the pew,” said Derek Rishmawy, a college and young-adult pastor at Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, Calif.

Vanhoozer has served on the TEDS faculty from 1986-90, 1998-2009 and 2012-present. He has also served as senior lecturer in theology and religious studies at the University of Edinburgh and on the Panel of Doctrine for the Church of Scotland. He earned a doctorate from Cambridge University.

TEDS Alumnus Crafts Award-Winning, Viking-Inspired Cradle

© Christopher Chung | The Press Democrat

When TEDS Alumnus Jim Heimbach started crafting furnature as a hobby, he never envisioned the industry acclaim he would receive. Now, the unique, Viking Longship-inspired cradle he made for his granddaughter has garnered 8 awards, and is valued at nearly $10,000.

Click here to read the full story of his journey from software engineer to award-winning craftsman.


2015 EFCA Theology Conference: The Doctrine of the Scriptures

Theology conference

The 2015 EFCA Theology Conference will take place on the Trinity campus January 28-30 and will focus on the theme ”The Doctrine of the Scriptures.” There will also be a pre-conference centered around the theme of ”Soteriological Essentials and the ‘Significance of Silence’: Arminianism, Calvinism, Lutheranism and the EFCA.”

The conference will discuss the importance of equipping people in the church to uphold biblical truth in today’s culture. The three-day event will include seven teaching sessions, two panel discussions and worship.

“The sole, determinative authority of the Holy Scriptures has been celebrated within historic Protestantism as the formal principle of the Protestant Reformation. It is appropriate and timely that the focus of this year’s EFCA Theology Conference should concentrate upon the doctrine of Scripture from a variety of angles, ranging from the historical to the hermeneutical,” said David Luy, assistant professor of biblical and systematic theology at TEDS, who will be speaking at the conference.  “I look forward to being challenged and nourished through sustained reflection upon this most central, theological concern.”

The pre-conference will feature three sessions followed by a panel discussion on how we affirm in principle and live in practice our unity in essentials and dialogue in differences.

“Every generation of pastors needs to think hard about the nature and purpose of God’s Word and its place in the life of the church,” said Kevin Vanhoozer, research professor of systematic theology at TEDS, who will also be speaking.

The conference and pre-conference will feature a number of Trinity faculty in addition to Drs. Luy and Vanhoozer, including D. A. Carson, Tom McCall, and John Woodbridge

“The Trinity community counts it a great privilege to welcome many EFCA pastors and leaders to campus for these important theological conversations,” said President David S. Dockery, “particularly as these focus on the truthfulness and authority of scripture as well as to the nature of salvation. We are truly pleased to partner with the EFCA in support of this significant event and pray that the presentations will serve to embolden faithful preaching that will strengthen churches across the land.”

Members of the Trinity community are invited to attend conference sessions free of charge and without prior registration provided extra seating is available. However, prior registration is required in order to receive conference materials, handouts, and meals. Those interested in learning more about registration can do so here.

TLS Partners with International Justice Organization

Dean Myron Steeves, Trinity Law School

The Dean of Trinity Law School, Myron Steeves, has accepted the invitation to serve on the Advisory Board of G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice, an organization dedicated to equipping students and professionals to support advocacy organizations addressing injustice across the world. Additionally, Trinity Law School will become a partner in the group’s Education Consortium.

Dean Steeves is excited to join in the work G.L.O.B.A.L. is doing around the world, and strongly believes in the approach the organization takes in fighting injustice.

“G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice is part of a network of people who are seeking ways to apply their faith to addressing the needs of many around the world who do not have access to justice, and are impoverished, oppressed and discouraged because of that. The fact the G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice seeks to apply Biblical principles to resolving major issues that arise from the law is the right approach and one that we want to encourage,” Steeves said.

Read the full news release here.

New Scholarship Initiative

Waybright Center

Trinity College will host the inaugural Academic Scholarship Competition Feb. 6-7 to give invited students opportunities to receive one full scholarship (tuition, room, board and required fees), two full-tuition scholarships and a limited number of $20,000 and $15,000 awards.

The invited students will have met specific scholarship requirements, received acceptance to Trinity for fall 2015 and gained acceptance to the honors program. They also must submit a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (commonly referred to as a FAFSA form) by Feb. 2. Trinity’s FAFSA code is 001772.

Invitations to the competition must be accepted no later than Feb. 2. The decisions of the judges will be released no later than Feb. 16.

Students will compete for the Kenneth Kantzer Honor Scholarships, named in honor of the professor of biblical and systematic theology and academic dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School from 1960-1978. He also served as Trinity College president from 1983-1984. Kantzer earned a doctorate at Harvard and provided leadership that enhanced Trinity’s academic reputation.

“Trinity College has through the years attracted outstanding students from all across the country,” President David S. Dockery said. “As a part of our institutional commitment to the themes of heritage and hope, we want to ensure that the heritage of attracting top notch students continues, while also providing a sense of hopefulness for these and other students to consider preparing for the future under the guidance of the capable teaching faculty at Trinity. The new academic scholarship initiative is certainly a major step forward in this regard.”

After several social events on Feb. 6, the competition on Feb. 7 will include time for personal interviews, group discussion and community building. An option to participate via Skype will be offered to students who cannot attend the competition. Tours of campus can be arranged for interested visitors.

For information about participating in the competition, contact Jordan Bryant, director of undergraduate admissions, at 847-317-7000 or

President Dockery earns Lifetime Achievement Award

President David S. Dockery provided the keynote address at the second annual gathering of the Southeastern Theological Fellowship, where he also was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

His address, titled “Confession, Church and Community: A Distinctive Approach to Evangelical Scholarship,” was delivered at the STF annual banquet in San Diego, following the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Dockery called for scholarship that begins with faith seeking understanding, to issue forth in faith speaking understanding. This touches themes examined in a new publication by Research Professor of Systematic Theology Kevin Vanhoozer, a colleague at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Dockery encouraged more than 150 scholars who were gathered at the dinner to offer a distinctive education grounded in the best of the Christian intellectual tradition and the revelation of our triune God. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Associate Professor of Church History Nathan Finn praised Dockery’s “stirring remarks about evangelical scholarship and theological education.”

SEBTS President Danny Akin and Provost Bruce Ashford presented recognitions to a handful of scholars for their pursuit of excellence in their various fields. Trinity alum Scott Bridger was applauded for his doctoral dissertation in the area of Islamic studies. Trinity alum George Guthrie was recognized for his outstanding commentaries on the Books of Hebrews and 2 Corinthians. Former Trinity faculty member and current Gordon-Conwell faculty member Eckard Schnabel was also recognized along with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary theologian Malcolm Yarnell.

Dockery’s Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes his years of promoting scholarship in his various academic leadership posts, as well as for his own publications, particularly those in Baptist studies.

“David Dockery is the doyen of Christian higher education, having served as mentor and role model for countless educators over the course of the past several decades,” Ashford said in presenting the award. He thanked Dockery for his contribution toward serving and preparing the next generation of Christian leaders and scholars.