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Trinity Community Invited to Battle of Bannockburn Festival

The Village of Bannockburn invites Trinity students, staff, and faculty to participate in the Battle of Bannockburn Festival on Sunday, September 7, from noon to 4 pm.

This year, the festival celebrates the 700th anniversary of the battle fought in Bannockburn, Scotland, in 1314. In that important battle, Robert the Bruce defeated King Edward II, taking a significant step in gaining the Scots freedom from the English crown.

The festival is held in the Village Open Space at 2245 Telegraph Road. A highlight of the afternoon’s activities will be a battle tournament with medieval re-enactors fighting in traditional armor. Trinity History Professor Steve Fratt, a member of the local SCA barony, will be one of the medieval warriors. There will also be exhibit tents with displays of life in medieval times, including cooking, livestock, storytelling, and music.

The Chicago Highlanders will perform traditional music on bagpipes and drums, and there will be a bonfire to end the afternoon.

Parking at the event is extremely limited, so Trinity will be providing free shuttle rides to and from the event between 11 am and 5 pm, running approximately every 20 minutes. (It takes about 5 minutes to get there.) You can catch the shuttle on campus at either the Trinity commuter parking lot or at the Security Gate.

Trinity College Deadlines to Add/Drop College Classes

The last day to add a fall semester class without a fee is Wednesday, September 3. This is also the last day to enroll for the fall semester. This deadline applies to the traditional undergraduate program of Trinity College on the Deerfield campus only.

The September 3 deadline applies to all class adds, including internships, guided studies, and independent studies. If you plan to complete an internship, guided study or independent study during the fall semester but have not yet finalized arrangements by submitting the appropriate paperwork, register using the temporary registration code TR 099 by September 3.

Between September 4 and September 10, there is a final grace period to add or withdraw from classes; students will be assessed a fee for add/drops in this period. After September 10, college students will not be permitted to add a semester-long or Quad A class except under extraordinary circumstances and with a dean’s approval.

September 10 is also the final day for students to withdraw from a class without record. After September 10, a student may still drop a semester class through November 7 (Quad A classes by September 19), but the class will remain in the student’s academic history (transcript), which will list a “W” (withdrawal); a W has no impact on the GPA.

Students should always consult their faculty advisor before adding or dropping a class. Dropping classes may have an impact on financial aid, athletic eligibility, and degree completion, so it is critical that students seek advice first, prior to dropping a class.

If you have questions, consult your faculty advisor or one of the Associate Deans (Drs. Wrobbel & Hedges).

On-Call Availability List Sign-Up

Are you needing to make some money while attending college or graduate school? Do you need a flexible job you can work around your classes? Did you know that Career Development publishes an “On-Call List” each semester that is purchased by local residents looking for quality people to do child-care, house-sitting, pet-sitting, yard work, catering, and/or cleaning? Fill out the On-Call Registration Form by Friday, September 12, 2014 and get your name out to a community that needs your giftedness and service. Email Career Development with any questions.

Trinity College Deadline for Internships, Guided Studies, Independent Studies

This is a reminder to all who intend to complete Internships for academic credit this fall, or who are requesting a Guided Study or Independent Study in the fall semester.

You should already have a temporary registration on your fall schedule as a placeholder (e.g., TR 099T, section 03 for a 3-credit internship); please see your advisor if you need help with this. In addition, you need to obtain the appropriate application packet (from the Career Services office for Internships, from the Academic Dean’s Office for Guided or Independent Studies), complete it, and submit it to the Academic Dean’s Office BY SEPTEMBER 10, the LAST DAY TO ADD CLASSES.

Exceptions: The Business and Christian Ministries departments have alternate systems for processing internships, IFEs, and professional experiences. Majors in those areas should follow established departmental procedures.

Homecoming T-Shirt Design Contest

College Union is sponsoring a Homecoming T-Shirt Design Contest for the undergraduate student body.

The winner will receive a $100 cash prize and have his or her design printed and made available to the Trinity community for Homecoming Week!

The details:
- Submit a three-color design (for the front of a royal blue t-shirt) to College Union at by September 5
- The student body will vote for the winning design the week of September 8th
- The winner will be announced September 12th and given a $100 cash prize!
- We will take orders for the t-shirts Sep. 12th-15th. The cost will be $5 and and pre-ordered shirts will be distributed just before Homecoming week. The shirt will also be made available for sale on the Alumni website.

Questions? Please contact Heather Cordero, Director of College Activities at

New Proctoring Service for Distance Learning

The Testing Center now offers proctoring services for exams from other institutions. Below are the Administration Fees for non-TIU exams.

Current TIU students……..$15 per exam for first 1½ hours; $5 for each additional ½ hour
Non-TIU students…………$20 per exam for first 1½ hours; $5 for each additional ½ hour

If you are interested in having an exam proctored in the Testing Center, please email with your contact information and preferred test dates.

Please note: The Testing Center does NOT charge an Administration Fee for students completing exams for Trinity’s Distance Education program.

For more information, visit us on the web!