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Trinity’s 116th Commencement Celebrations

newsroomadminMay 20, 2013


Trinity College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity Graduate School graduates were challenged to use their education to invest their lives in the gospel of Christ for the sake of others during TIU’s 116th Annual Commencement Ceremonies.

Far from being simply a day of graduation traditions, Commencement at Trinity is intended to be a time of celebration and gratitude for God’s provision. This is the day when the collective efforts of students, families, churches, friends and other support systems were recognized, when we gratefully acknowledged the resources God has provided for the attaining of a specific goal, and when graduates hopefully anticipated and began the next phase of the journey to which our triune Lord has called them.

For the safety of this year’s keynote speaker and the organization he leads in a “closed” country, all references will remain anonymous, but we can still share the powerful commissioning he gave to graduates.

The speaker acknowledged that his charge was likely the last lecture graduates would be required to hear, and he started with a pointed question: “Some of the most educated people in the world have no idea why they were born. Do you?”

He then went on to exhort graduates to do the very things they were probably instructed not to do as children: play in the dirt, hang out with the wrong crowd, and walk near the edge. To play in the dirt and get their hands dirty, graduates need to be willing to go wherever the Lord sends them, truly investing themselves in often seemingly inglorious and “unclean” work—not least when the cost is high. Hanging out with the wrong crowd means investing their lives in the lives of others—no matter what their status—in order to show them the love of Christ. This is precisely what Jesus did. And walking close to the edge means taking risks, challenging themselves to be bold for the sake of Christ’s gospel.

“There’s nothing more nauseating than Christians who think the world revolves them,” the speaker said. “It matters where you invest your life.”

Trinity’s Alumni of the Year were also announced and honored at their respective ceremonies. This year’s honorees are Drs. Randall and Rebekah Basinger (Trinity College), and EFCA President Dr. William Hamel (TEDS).

Hamel also shared with graduates about the direction the Lord took his life since his college graduation. He had originally intended on becoming a math teacher and a football coach, but the Lord instead led him to TEDS and then to the pastorate for many years before becoming EFCA President.

“If you don’t know what to do with your life, that’s okay,” Hamel said. “Trust your future to a faithful God.”

Please join the Trinity community in congratulating our 2013 graduates and celebrating the work of God in their lives.